Research Grants

ASAM will offer a research grant of up to $20,000 per annum as an incentive to members to contribute to aerospace medicine research.

Grants will be awarded in each calendar year, provided the quality of research proposals is deemed adequate, and may be extended for a second year in meritorious cases. Award of grants will be conditional on agreement by the researcher that results will be presented for publication in JASAM within three years of the conclusion of the research. The Society shall have discretion not to award a grant should it consider that no application is of sufficient merit in any particular year. Applications for grants should be made to the Secretariat by 30 June for consideration of a grant for the following financial year. Applications should detail the nature of the research proposed, participants (and any supervisors) involved, and the proposed use of the grant in connection with the research. Proof of clearance by an appropriate institutional ethics Committee must be included with the application. The Committee will consider all applications and choose any recipient or recipients.

Our grant application form is provided here