Board Members

Craig was born in Brisbane where he completed his secondary schooling and tertiary education in medicine. He joined the Army in August 1989 as an undergraduate Medical Officer allocated to the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps.

During his military career, Craig has held a number of postings, particularly in Aviation Medicine. He spent a number of years as Specialist Medical Adviser – Airworthiness for the Australian Army. Other roles have included Director of Future Health Capability for the ADF, Director General Health Capability, Director General Operational Health, and is currently Director General Garrison Health. He has deployed on a number of occasions, including to Rwanda, East Timor, Banda Aceh, and Afghanistan. He completed Army pilot training in 2004. 

Ian Hosegood is the Qantas Group Medical Director, responsible for passenger and employee health across the Group Airlines and Businesses. Ian has over 25 years experience in Aviation and Occupational Medicine and Health Systems Management including both Military and Commercial Aviation Medicine as well as Aeromedical Retrieval Services. Ian’s previous roles include Principal Medical Officer at CASA, Executive management positions in the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Emirates Airlines and Chief Instructor at the ADF’s Institute of Aviation Medicine. He served in the ADF for 12 years and was deployed overseas to Malaysia, East Timor, the Solomon Islands and Iraq where he was a member of the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) conducting monitoring and verification of Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons program. He is a Board member for the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine (ASAM) and the Australasian Medical Review Officer Association (AMROA) and is a member of the IATA Medical Advisory Group (MAG). He is also current President of the International Airline Medicine Association (IAMA). Ian holds specialist fellowships in General Practice, Medical Administration and Aerospace Medicine and was an academic prize winner for the Monash PG Diploma in Occupational Medicine.  

Jeremy Robertson originally graduated from UNSW in 1998 with a Bachelor of Aviation. He worked as general aviation pilot in the Kimberley and then spent nine years flying for Qantas. During this time he completed a Masters of Aerospace Engineering and accumulated 7,500 flying hours across aircraft ranging from ultralights to B747s. A diagnosis of type 1 diabetes prompted a career change, and he graduated from The University of Sydney with an MBBS in 2015.

Jeremy currently works in private practice as a DAME and is an ACAsM Registrar. He also works part time as a flying instructor, and maintains his multi-engine instrument rating. Jeremy combines his interests in flying and aviation medicine by flying himself around NSW once a month to run aviation medicine clinics in half-a-dozen different towns.

Kate graduated from the University of Tasmania in 1998, and started worked in aerospace medicine in 2002 as a DAME and Navy Aviation Medical Officer. Dr Manderson now operates two small General Practices in Nowra NSW, teaching GP Registrars and students from the University of Wollongong School of Medicine.

Her work in aerospace medicine continues as an active DAME, involvement with the Australasian College of Aerospace Medicine and the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine, and support to the RAAF Institute of Aviation Medicine as a Navy Reservist. She is also a Director for Grand Pacific Health, a not-for-profit community health provider in South Eastern NSW.

Priti was born in India, immigrated to Australia and studied medicine at University of New South Wales.  

She completed further studies in Acupuncture in 1983, Underwater medicine in 1988, Occupational health and Safety in 1988, married an Austrian, learnt German and Latin, attained medical recognition at Wien University in 1993, ACCAM Course at Monash University in 1995, Authorised Medical Officer Course 1996, Graduate Certificate in Aerospace Medicine at Griffith University in 2004, MRO (MROCC) Course 2008, AME for FAA 2010, Australian MRO course in 2012.

Priti commenced her own practice (Sydney Aviation Medical Centre) in 1996.

As an undergraduate David attained his person pilot’s license.  Whilst working in emergency medicine, he completed the Certificate in Aviation Medicine at Monash, a Diploma in AvMed from Otago, and a Masters degree and Fellowship in Occ Med.  He continued his pilot studies and obtained his commercial pilot’s licence, instrument rating and aerobatics and tailwheel endorsements.

While working with CASA (9.5 years), David completed a Masters in Health Law. 

He has also worked in general occ med in mines, smelters and factories, and private consulting, and for two years as an occupational physician at Emirates in Dubai. 

David moved back to Occupational and Aviation Medicine and private consulting in Canberra, and runs a monthly aviation medicine clinic in Hobart.  He teaches within the Otago Masters in Aviation Medicine Course and is on the AFOEM Educational Committee and the AFOEM Council.

Collette graduated from Flinders University of South Australia in 2000, and started work in aerospace medicine in 2003 as a RAAF Aviation Medical Officer, and subsequently as a Fellow with ACAsM. She continues to contribute to aerospace medicine as a contractor to RAAF, working in the Institute of Aviation Medicine; and as a RAAF Reservist, as the Single Service Advisor for Aviation Medicine – Air Force. She also works as a General Practitioner in civilian practice in Adelaide.


Mike graduated University of Sydney in 1987. He was appointed a retrieval doctor for Newborn Emergency Transport Service in 1993. In 1995 after completing his RACGP fellowship he spent 2 years in rural Zimbabwe.

In 1997 Mike was appointed Senior Medical Officer of Royal Flying Doctor Service Broken Hill. He undertook his Diploma of AvMed in 2004 in the UK, and then obtained a Fellowship of ACAsM.

While Senior Medical Officer in Broken Hill, he had a role in design and development of a completely new medical interior for the RFDS B200 aircraft. He also had roles as DAME, and RFDS’ MRO for DAMP purposes.

Mike transferred to the RFDS Cairns base in 2015 and continues in retrieval work.

Since completing his ACCAM in 1998 Mike has been actively engaged with AMSVIC, ASAM and ASA/FNA (retrieval organisation), and has been on the ASAM board since 2016.

Kelly trained as a surgeon in the UK before moving to Australia. She worked for many years as an Intensivist, performing aeromedical retrievals of critically ill patients. She was the Chief Resident of a large Sydney teaching hospital, heavily involved in Clinical Governance and Quality Improvement Programs. Kelly then retrained as a General Practitioner and began her DAME work in inner city Sydney, subsequently joining the Aerospace Medicine Training Program to further pursue her love of Aviation Medicine; she currently works as a Medical Officer at Virgin Australia.

A graduate of the University of Wollongong, John is a Director of ASAM and the Chair of ASAM’s Space Life Science Committee. He has worked for NASA and the European Space Agency to develop medical support and training for astronauts and he remains actively involved in Space Medicine research. He holds academic titles with the University of Sydney, the University of Newcastle and the University of Wollongong. Prior to medicine he worked as an Astrophysicist, commercial helicopter pilot, science teacher and expedition leader.

Presidents Past & Present

Years President
2016- Dr Kate Manderson
2013-2016 Dr Ian Cheng
2010-2013 Dr Greig Chaffey
2007-2010 Air Commodore Warren K Harrex
2001-2006 Dr Gordon C Cable
1999-2000 Dr Ion C Morrison
1996-1998 Dr Rob W Liddell
1993-1995 Dr Sandy Dawson
1990-1992 Dr Derek Dawes
1987-1989 Dr David Lewis
1984-1986 Dr Len Thompson
1981-1983 Colonel Eric Donaldson OAM
1978-1980 Dr AT Thompson
1975-1977 Dr John C Lane

Honorary Members

Honorary Member


AVM Dr Tracy Smart 2019
Dr John Turner 2018
Dr Bernard Cresswell 2018
Dr Heather Parker OAM 2016
Dr Rob Liddell 2016
Dr Warren Harrex 2015
Dr Peter Wilkins 2015
Dr Peter Habersberger 2014

Dr Gordon Cable AM


Dr Rod Westerman*


Dr Jeff Brock


Dr Greig Chaffey


Mrs Jan Chaffey


Dr B Costello (Foundation Member)*


Dr JB Craig (Foundation Member)*


Dr Graeme Dennerstein


Dr Malcolm Hoare RFD*


Dr Michael Lischak


Capt Glenn Todhunter (Follow this link for his story)


Dr Richard Williams (Chief Medical Officer NASA)


Dr Jeanette TB Linn OAM*


Air Vice Marshal Glen William (Bill) Reed*


Dr Bert Bailey*


Dr John Colvin AM*


Dr Eric Donaldson OAM


Air Vice Marshal Eric Stephenson AO, OBE, QHP*


Dr Len Thompson


Dr Ron Wambeek DFC*


Dr Paddy O’Brien* 1998

Dr Derek Dawes*


Dr Dorothy Herbert OAM*


Dr AW Erenstrom*


Mr Doug Patterson*


Air Vice Marshal LK (Kiwi) Corbet*


Dr JC Lane AM*


Dr HJ Mail


Dr FS Parle OBE*


Air Vice Marshal EA Daley CBE, KHP, QHP*


Dr (non-medical) JH Martin, Director of Physics at the Melbourne Cancer Institute


* Deceased